About us

Get to know our company.

We are an American Security Consulting company, composed of professionals with over 30 years of experience in Public Security and Corporate Security, MONTAX was designed to offer services to companies and people with interests in Brazil and Italy.

Soon also in Portugal.


Meet our services:

Gather ideas, data and information aligned to an approach rigorous investigative with intelligence base information and investigations.

We act in the prevention and reaction to countless scenarios that put the safety of assets or people at risk. Our goal is to ensure that your company, your business and your assets do not suffer unnecessary risks.

Protection of executives and personalities with highly specialized employees, who have differentiated training and operational methods.

We offer training for executives and companies, as well as lectures on security, intelligence and business counterintelligence, bringing the best services and trends in the market.


Helping companies and people to minimize losses and maximize profits.


To be an international reference in Security and Risk Management Consulting.

Moral values

Ethics, confidentiality and efficiency.